Andrew P. Gibson
politics, theory, history

As a political theorist in training, I am enjoying the opportunity to write on and teach a wide range of historical texts. My dissertation project evaluates the reception of Florentine political thought in the early to mid-twentieth century. Focusing on the  German, Italian, and Anglo-American contexts, this project looks at how Machiavelli's works were consulted to help thinkers understand the times in which they lived. Was Machiavelli the founder of modern tyranny or a republican theorist who taught liberal democracies "how not to be good" in order to defend their freedom? 

Over the course of my academic career, my interests have focused particularly on ancient Greek and Roman political thought (Plato, Xenophon, Livy); republicanism in Renaissance Florence (Machiavelli, Guicciardini, Savonarola); and 20th cent. German engagements with technological modernity (Heidegger, Jünger, Schmitt). 

As a fourth-year Ph.D. student at Georgetown, I am eagerly seeking fellowship opportunities that could broaden my professional network, sharpen my political thinking, refine my scholarship, and give me a sense of career opportunities post-graduation.